Dominican Republic mission trip

Picnic Agenda

1. Assign Teams

2. Go over Departure Notes

CLICK HERE for the Flight Information

- Meet at the church at 5:00am on July 16. 

- Everyone can bring one personal item. Each checked bag costs $30 (one way) and must be under 50lbs. 

3. General Information

- Look over "Guest House Needs." Please find the items assigned by last name.  


- No more Covid restrictions. 

- Bring clothes to paint in. 

4. Pass out Devotionals

5. Get out T-Shirts

6. Who can be at both services on July 10th for prayer? 

July Announcements: 

1. Details for the Mission Trip Picnic at Pastor Matt's house. 

  • Saturday, July 9th at 12:00pm
  • Address: 1216 Ross Rd. Sunbury, OH 43074
  • Food will be catered from City Barbeque.
  • There is a pond to swim in so bring swim trunks if you want to swim. 
  • We will be going over the final details about the mission trip. This is the place to ask all your final questions. 
  • Each person going on the mission trip can bring 1 person with them to the picnic. 

2. CLICK HERE for the Flight Information

3. The best way to pay off the remainder of your balance is with cash or a check made out to "Genoa Church." The final payments are due July 10th. 

4. Please look over the "Guesthouse Needs." We are trying to bring supplies to help the organization that is hosting us. The sections are divided up by the first letter of your last name. Please find your section and purchase the items. CLICK HERE to see the list. 


Step 1: Sign up for text updates. 

  • Text the message "DRMT" to the number (740) 265-2022

Step 2: Apply for a passport

Step 3: Research vaccinations you are interested in getting. 

  • CLICK HERE  for the link to the CDC recommended vaccinations. 

Step 4: Begin raising money. 

  • Start a Go-Fund page. 
  • Write letters to all your relatives asking them to give to your mission trip. 

Step 5: Print off the "Team Member" Manual


Step 6: Review COVID 19 Guidelines


Step 7: Register with Solid Rock


Step 8: Look over "Guest House Needs." Please find the items assigned by last name.  

Guesthouse needs


Step 9: Save the Date

  • On Saturday, July 9th, there will be a cookout at Pastor Matt's house.